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If you don’t know Titanium in the metal, you are in for a pleasant surprise. You may think it looks like other metals, which it does. From a distance. But up close it has a colour all of its own. In the same way black and white film is not truly monochromatic, Titanium is truly not silver. It has a gorgeous understated lustre with hints of bronze; more like a sepia tone than a daguerreotype.

It encourages you to touch it. And here is the second surprise: for even in quite cold conditions it has a warmth to the feel. But whilst it is truly lovely to hold and behold, it is its inherent characteristics that you will ultimately fall in love with.

Titanium is strong. Much stronger than aluminium or carbon. Yet it is also light. Considerably lighter than Steel. These two qualities alone have made it the structural material of choice for the Aerospace industry.

Titanium does not rust; another plus-point for aircraft manufacturers. But even more important if you’re a watchmaker whose customers need a timekeeping tool they can rely on hundreds of meters under water.


Yet all these qualities are only ‘skin’ deep. When combined with a little Aluminium and Vanadium (Aerospace grade Titanium is known in the industry as 3AL/2.5V) this truly special metal becomes something more than itself.

Unite the right lengths, thicknesses and angles of seamless tubing with perfect welds, and a Titanium frame will provide the rigidity necessary for lossless power. Yet its unique cellular structure transmits road feel, whilst absorbing road shock. And the overall perfect harmony of stiffness, strength, lightness and feel invites riders to attack corners as much as it does to spending more time in the saddle.


A J.Guillem Titanium frame does not bend or break; it is a gift that keeps giving; and a friend for life. Endorsed by the fact that we guarantee every one of ours for 100 years. But don’t take our word for it. Take one of our bikes for a test ride.


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