The Bike Lounge are fully equipped to carry out repairs on any kind of bike you may ride, with over 40 years experience of repairing, servicing and building bikes.

Whether it be a puncture repair or a full strip down, clean and rebuild we can accommodate you in a professional and timely manner.

We also carry a wide range of spare and upgrades we also offer bespoke custom builds to enable you to get the right bike for your needs and budget first time. We can spec the correct bar width, stem length, saddle width etc to ensure the comfiest ride from the first pedal revolution.

Just pop in with your bike and we'll give you a free quote and assessment of what is needed and a timescale to carry out the work.

Some of our most popular bike repairs include:

 Puncture Repairs Cable Replacements Wheel Truing
Tubeless Conversions Servicing Electronic Gear updates
Hydraulic Brake Bleeds Chain Replacements Electric Bike System Updates
Wheel Building Custom Bikes


Wheel Building:

We can build you your perfect wheels if you're looking for something a little different or would like something to do a specific job which an off the peg wheel just won't cut it. Choices of spokes, hubs and rims can all be discussed.

Custom Builds:

Whether you want to customise your current bike or start from scratch and choose your frames, groups, wheels and finishing componentry we can work with you to ensure you fall in love with your new ride and it rides like a comfortable dream.

e-Bike Software Updates:

Your ebike manufacturer will regularly issue updates, but these need to be placed and installed on your bike. These will be designed to give better battery performance or deliver torque differently and adjust power modes. They're also designed to prolong the life and increase the performance of your e-bike. 

Shimano Di2 / Campag EPS / Sram AXS Diagnostics:

As above sometimes groupset manufacturers issue updates to improve performance or increase life of their components, we can install these and if as sometimes happens things go wrong we can also diagnose the components in question and try to resolve.





We stock a wide range of spares and upgrades from some fantastic brands.

We only use tools, cleaners, lubes, greases from the best and most reliable brands.



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