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From the innovative, proprietary NAILD R3ACT suspension of the new petrol eschewing E/1, to the exclusive ALLITE Super Magnesium framed A/1, VAAST Bikes are designed with the utmost concern for the impacts we make on the planet we ride upon. Sustain the planet, sustain the ride.


Our redefined V-Fit parameters create a riding posture that is more attuned to an enhanced feel, quicker reflexes and steer control, and responsive climbing ability. A more upright riding position suits the rider who isn’t hell-bent on a podium finish and helps balance your physical ability to control actions in the cockpit, resulting in a more confident approach to riding different terrain. Ultimately, combining V-Fit with our exclusive lighter, stiffer, and more shock-absorbent Super Magnesium frames delivers a remarkably comfortable fit and feel in a performance bike. Because the longer your body feels good, the farther you can extend your ride, and, ultimately, the more adventure you can pack into each day.


Before paint, all of our Super Mag™ frames are treated with a proprietary Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) coating that produces a hard, dense finish optimized to provide corrosion protection, wear resistance, improved hardness, strain tolerance, and improved fatigue performance inside and out…and a better bonding surface for durably cool colors and effects.


The human race has become a geological force that’s changing the conditions for life on our planet. This is precisely why VAAST® has made a steadfast commitment to defining and growing a vibrant cycling ecology—we want to ensure generations of riders to come have the opportunities to create more riding adventures, not fewer. When you ride a VAAST Bike, you join us in this pursuit.
Sustain the planet, sustain the ride.

VAAST Bikes is a brand thoughtfully conceived to set ourselves free from old paradigms. Freed to create new ways to reach farther than ever before. Freed to prove that there are different, better ways to build a bike and achieve more.

Innovative performance focused bikes designed for more mindful, expanded human powered personal mobility. VAAST engineers, scientists, designers and riders continue to successfully obsess over developing more functional, durable, well-rounded fine-tuned bikes that encourage the discovery of more farther-reaching experiences. We utilize optimized and alternative materials, designs and our V-Fit technologies to call into existence a ride feel that will make the often-difficult routes less traveled beg you to ride them over and over again.

And, because everything is interconnected, we never stop seeking ways to have a more reciprocal relationship with the planet that provides the surfaces we ride upon.

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