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We work closely with CAMS (Cycling Accident Management Services) to get you back on your bike sooner than anyone else we've come across.

Bike replacement or repairs are settled within a couple of days, meaning your not waiting months for a replacement bike or costly repairs to be carried out.

They have over 25 years experience so you can be assured that they'll handle your claim in the best possible way.


Cycling accidents

It is estimated that over one million people in England cycle at least three times a week and a further two million at least once month. With over 700,000 residents and England and Wales cycling to and from a place of work, a bicycle is an everyday essential many people cannot be without.

At CAMS we understand that your bicycle is very important to you and while cycling is generally a safe mode of transport, accidents do happen.

When a cycling accident is not your fault?

If you have been involved in cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, we know what is important to you. You need support from people you trust to help you get back on the road and fight for the compensation you may deserve. At CAMS we can arrange bike repair or a replacement bike to be provided up-front and will work with your local bike shop to help get you back in the saddle. If you have been injured we can put you in touch with a team of specialist cycling solicitors who will fight for the compensation you deserve on a “no win no fee” basis.

What type of injuries can be sustained in a cycling accident?

Thankfully the number of fatalities caused following a cycling accident are rare. However, on a bike the cyclist is exposed and therefore any collision with a vehicle can have consequences ranging from soft tissue injuries to serious brain injuries.

Brain and head injuries

Although the Highway Code recommends that cyclists should wear a cycle helmet “which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened”, many cyclists prefer not to and so the risk of developing a head injury as a result of an accident is increased. If a cyclist is involved in a collision, the speed of the accident will determine the severity of any head injury. At slower speeds it is not uncommon for the cyclist to experience concussion which can lead to memory loss and in some cases loss of some brain function.

In the most serious of accidents, a cyclist could develop serious brain damage that could have serious consequences for any future quality of life.

When a cyclist experiences any form of head injury following an accident, it is important that they have the right legal support that has the knowledge and experience of supporting clients with complex claims. At CAMS we can recommend a team with over 25 years’ experience in head and brain injury claims.

Back and spinal injuries

As a cycling commuter you do not have the protection that a motorist has. When an accident is not the fault of a cyclist, there is little chance they were prepared for it. In these circumstances the risk of back injuries are high. Back injuries can range from slipped discs through to catastrophic injuries such as paralysis. In such a serious situation CAMS can recommend an experienced legal team that can provide access to rehabilitation providers and experts to support a claim for compensation.

Brakes, fractures and sprains

In a cycling accident it is likely the cyclist will come off their bike and fall on the road. A fall at speed will inevitably result in some form of injury with the legs and arms all at risk of bone injury. A break, fracture or sprain is highly likely to lead to some time-off work and when your bike is your living, this can be a very expensive experience. At CAMS, not only will we arrange for the repair or replacement of your damaged bike, we can also recommend specialist cycling accident solicitors who can pursue a claim for compensation to recover any losses for time off work.

Dental and facial damage

When a cyclist is involved in a collision or accident that wasn’t their fault, it is not uncommon for the rider to experience facial and dental injuries. Dental damage can be particularly expensive, especially when many people these days only have access to Private Dentists.

Facial damage can be far more psychologically damaging as permanent scars could be a result of an accident. At CAMS we can recommend an expert legal team that can provide access to rehabilitation providers to help an injured cyclist cope with any permanent damage and secure compensation.

Serious Injury

As part of the Anexo Group plc we recommend Bond Turner Solicitors to individuals who have been involved in road traffic accidents resulting in serious and life changing injuries.

Bond Turner’s team of Grade A solicitors can offer a wide range of post-accident assistance and support throughout the litigation process including access to rehabilitation providers / courses and experts to support any claim (doctors, barristers, accountants, mobility and care experts, plus many more). They can assist with every aspect of a claim, including access to adapted vehicles, so that individuals are fully supported at every stage of their case and properly compensated.

Their senior solicitors are vastly experienced and are happy to discuss any potential claim with a prospective client or family member (where appropriate). Bond Turner will treat all enquiries with the utmost confidentiality. They take care to provide empathetic and thorough legal advice at all times.

Cycling Accident Management Services (CAMS) are one of the UK’s leading cycle accident management companies.

As part of Direct Accident Management Ltd we have been helping people who have been involved in car and cycling accidents since 1996. We have assisted thousands of clients by taking away the inconvenience that inevitably results from losses incurred in any accident.


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