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Our mission is to help UK cyclists get the best bike they want for an affordable monthly price. The service is completely flexible and accessible, meaning you can switch your bike along with the seasons. 

Upgrade your bike as easy as upgrading your mobile phone

BikeFlex is a new bike subscription service giving access to top of the range road and gravel bikes from just £90 per month.

The circular economy for bikes

BikeFlex recycle the best pre-owned bikes, which are then refurbished, serviced and made available in the pre-owned bike subscription selection, starting from just £50 per month. The perfect business for the circular economy.

Bring it in for Inspection

Shimano Europe B.V. (“Shimano”), starts an inspection and replacement program of selected bonded 11-speed HOLLOWTECH II road cranksets produced between June 1, 2012, up to and including June 30, 2019, for a possible bonding separation issue.

This specifically concerns the Shimano ULTEGRA FC-6800, DURA-ACE FC-9000, ULTEGRA FC-R8000, DURA-ACE FC-R9100 and FC-R9100-P 11-Speed Bonded HOLLOWTECH II Road Cranksets in Europe. Reports received by Shimano indicate that the bonded parts of the crank arm could separate and break, posing potential fall and injury hazards to consumers.

To remedy this situation, Shimano will have any applicable crankset inspected. Shimano will replace any crank arm that fails the inspection process.

This inspection is designed to determine whether the crank arms show a possible bonding separation issue and to swiftly remove any possible safety hazard to our consumers. Not all ULTEGRA and DURA-ACE cranksets need to be inspected.  Only cranksets produced between June 1, 2012, up to and including June 30, 2019, need to be inspected. The way to identify if a crankset should be inspected is provided in the WHAT TO DO section below.

Shimano will replace any cranksets that fail the inspection process free of charge.

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