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Silca Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash Blue / 16oz

Silca Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash Blue / 16oz

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The Silca Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash is the fourth part of Silca's one-stop-shop to protect your investment, the Bicycle Spa 4-step cleaning system. Designed as a daily top-up, this eco-cleaner will help you to recapture that just-scrubbed sparkle after your ride.

Just spray the bright blue polymeric surfactant solution, with its Piña Colada aroma, everywhere but the drivetrain and brake rotors, with no water needed. Wipe away the slippery film with a microfibre towel to lift off any large debris. Finally, buff the frame to renew the shine of your paintwork and create a scratch-free, protective layer to fend off the grime and dust that typically clings to your bike as you cycle.

Best used as part of the Bicycle Spa set, this hydrophobic formula, infused with silicone dioxide ceramic wax, will gently cleanse your bike without scratching the paintwork and form a micron-thick protective layer to keep it looking like new.

Key features:

  • The fourth part of the Silca Bicycle Spa 4-step cleaning system
  • With Piña Colada scent
  • Lifts and captures dirt, forms a protective layer once dry
  • Spray, wipe and buff
  • Avoid brake rotors and drivetrain
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Comes in a 16oz bottle
  • 12 bottles in a case
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