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The Stages Cycling brand was launched in 2012 with the mission to improve every rider's performance. The company was founded by Jim Liggett and his brother Scott in 2009, who brought together the collective talents of executives, product designers, and indoor and outdoor bike fanatics from across the fitness and bicycle industries. The unified goal of the team was fueled by a passionate belief that this new company could create a notable, global difference by making power accessible to every rider, whether they rode indoors or outside.

Stages Cycling has been in the cycling technology business for over ten years, with dozens of our employees bringing vast industry expertise to launch and drive the company. Stages is the global leader in commercial indoor bike and power meter production. Stages Power meters are all hand-crafted by our beloved production team in Boulder, Colorado, USA, working alongside Stages engineers, whose number one initiative is to propel innovation.


Always pushing boundaries with constant innovation, Stages was the first company to introduce features such as Active Temperature Compensation and accelerometers on power meters, dual ANT+ and Bluetooth communications, and to measure power on the left crank.

In 2014 we partnered with Team Sky to prove our power solutions at the highest levels within the sport of cycling and over the subsequent years went on to provide power and data solutions that have won 8 Grand Tours, 18 World Championships and multiple Olympic medals.


The Stages brand currently sells in more than 55 countries and over 7000 bike shops. Our studio bikes support over 110 Million rides per year. Our product range has expanded from power meters and bikes into all aspects of the cycling experience.

Our technology team now delivers cloud solutions that enable our riders and customers to seamlessly process the most reliable, consistent data and content. Further, we provide coaching on how to get the best use out of the data our power meters provide. 


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