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Does your bike need an upgrade? Are you ready for a "next level" cycling experience? A pair of good wheels is your bikes best upgrade!  FFWD wheels provide every cycling enthusiast the opportunity to enjoy the best possible equipment at a professional level. Whatever surface you prefer, FFWD offers the perfect set of wheels for everyone, anytime, anywhere! 

Anyone who follows cycling races, or making the miles on the bike by themselves for years, will certainly have seen the FFWD wheels roll by once.

The development of high-quality carbon bicycle wheels has never been less. Both the rim construction and the increasingly smooth-running hubs have undergone considerable evolution over the years. Technological progress has played an important role in this like minimising air and rolling resistance, and optimising stiffness and handling characteristics.

Between power and speed, your bike wheels will make the difference like no other component do. Besides the speed also comfort, smooth rolling and aerodynamics will bring cycling to the next level. One of the #TeamFFWD goals is to give your bike the best upgrade that delivers a maximum result.

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