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Scorpion E-MTB S (SmartGRIP Gravity)

Scorpion E-MTB S (SmartGRIP Gravity)

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The Scorpionâ„¢ E-MTB tyre offers different tread patterns for different terrain conditions, from M (mixed), S (loose and soft) and R (rear specific) developed to offer a complete range of high performing tyres for daily abuse generated by electric motors. Developed to withstand the rigors of modern e-bikes, where torque is getting higher and higher, the Scorpionâ„¢ E-MTB range delivers grip and reliability where it matters. The patented HyperWALLâ„¢ construction provides the reliability of a DH tyre without the weight penalty, while the proprietary SmartGRIP Gravity Compound delivers grip on both dry and wet conditions as well as superior resistance to tearing thanks to the patented and sustainable chemical component called Lignin. Performance that lasts for the entire lifespan of the tyre, even when worn down.



Our most aggressive model specific E-MTB bike made for those who seek fun and performance without compromise. The tall profile and widely spaced tread pattern cuts into and will grip any kind of loose or soft terrain. The Scorpionâ„¢ E-MTB is the best choice for any single-track with soft terrain where grip and reliability are key factors

  • SmartGRIP Gravity Compound: A softer rubber for a wide range of terrain, offering maximum grip in any condition
  • Multi-ply 60tpi Nylon for improved reliability & handing performance
  • Innovative patent pending HyperWALLâ„¢ construction with multiple protective inserts for E-MTB specific reliability
  • TUBELESS READY technology designed for easy mounting & bead stability

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