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Z Shock MTB 2022 Shock Pump

Z Shock MTB 2022 Shock Pump

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MTB shock pump

The Z Shock is a mini pump for forks and shocks that combines precision, performance, simplicity and comfort. It is efficient and can reach high pressures of up to 360 psi (25 bar). The two-stage operation allows the valve to be sealed first and then the inner tube to be opened without the risk of pressure loss. This mountain bike shock pump is universal and fits all suspension fork and rear shocks. The integrated pressure gauge gives an accurate and easy reading of the pressure. The Z Shock is made entirely of aluminium, which makes it durable, light and corrosion resistant.

  • Performance and precision - the two-step connection guarantees precise inflation without the risk of air leaks
  • All aluminium - durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion
  • Integrated pressure gauge and pressure regulator - accurate inflation, easy to read and no adjustment needed
  • Comfort - ergonomic handles for a good grip
  • Universal - system compatible with all types of shock absorbers
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