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Tubeless Tank

Tubeless Tank

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The Zefal Tubeless Tank stores air from the floor pump and quickly delivers it to the tyre meaning it is effective and effortless to attach a tubeless tyre.

A single pump action releases the air stored in the tank using ; fitting the tyre onto the rim immediately and without any loss of pressure. The aluminium tank can hold a pressure of up to 16 bars.

The Zefal Tubeless Tank is autonomous as well as being easy to carry using its handle. The direct connection ensures a seal with the valve without any flow loss. The allows the pump to be used via the tank even after having installed the tubeless tyre and also allows you to specify a particular pressure. In order to inflate the tank, Zefal would recommend using a floor pump with a minimum capacity of 10 bars like those in the Profil Max range.

  • Boost Air System - instant inflation and rapid fit of a tubeless tyre onto the rim 
  • Valve tool supplied for removing Presta valves
  • Direct connection without and loss of flow
  • Autonomous - does not require electricity. Environmentally friendly and silent
  • Easy to carry
  • Made in FRANCE
  • Recommended pressure of 10 bar/145PSI
  • Maximum recommended pressure of 16 bar/230PSI
  • Thermoplastic ABS material
  • Polished finish
  • Presta direct fit
  • 1000mm hose length
  • 1.6kg in weight
  • Aluminium tank
  • 1L capacity


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