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FP20 Steel Silver Floor Pump

FP20 Steel Silver Floor Pump

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Thanks to its base and barrel made of steel, our Profil Max FP20 offers more stability and durability. The Z-Switch system is universal and compatible with all valves (Presta, Schrader and Dunlop). All the inflation accessories you need are provided with the pump.  

  • Z-Switch System: Easy change from Presta to Schrader or Dunlop via a simple switch
  • Wide gauge: Precise inflation via highly visible gauge
  • Steel base: Better stability
  • Added Features: Ball and bladder heads
  • Connection Z-Switch: Presta / Schrader / Dunlop 
  • Weight: 1.2kg 
  • Height: 640 mm / 25" 
  • Handle material: Technopolymer
  • Barrel material: Steel
  • Base material: Steel + pads
  • Hose length: 800mm / 31"
  • Gauge Ø 72mm / 2.8"
  • Pressure 800mm / 31"
  • Accessories: Yes 
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