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Weldtite Dirtwash Jet Blast Degreaser (500ml)

Weldtite Dirtwash Jet Blast Degreaser (500ml)

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Weldtite, the leading UK manufacturer of bike lubricants and cleaners, are excited to announce the launch of JET BLAST; a high pressure, high performance degreaser. More time riding, less time cleaning. This drive to improve the rider’s overall experience has been at the heart of Weldtite’s research and product development. Featuring a powerful jet spray that makes short work of removing muck, grime and oil JET BLAST significantly reduces the time it takes to effectively clean the chain, crankset, cassette and jockey wheels.

Designed for use on drivetrains, JET BLAST degreaser is formulated slightly differently to the brand’s popular and effective Citrus Degreaser, so that it dries rapidly giving a professional clean in seconds.

JET BLAST degreaser has been tested extensively by Weldtite to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. This testing is part of an ongoing process by Weldtite to provide industry leading product quality across tools, lubrication and cleaning products.

The most powerful and efficient way to clean your drivetrain. The powerful jet spray makes short work of removing muck and grime and dries rapidly, giving you a professional clean in seconds. Want more time riding and less time cleaning? Choose JET BLAST Degreaser and explore one giant leap for bike cleaning.

JET BLAST is designed for use on bicycle drivetrains and features a powerful jet spray to blast dirt, muck and grime from the moving parts.

  • Features max power Jet Spray to easily target and eliminate dirt, muck, grime and oil
  • Enables professional grade cleaning with ease. Removal of the cassette or chain is not required to achieve a pristine finish
  • Extremely quick drying. No need to wait for the degreaser to dry once the drivetrain is clean


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