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Vittoria Pista Oro Tubular G2

Vittoria Pista Oro Tubular G2

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With a world record in the team pursuit by Fillipo Ganna and the men’s Italian national team, the Pista Oro Tubular tyre has the palmarès to back its name. You’ll also immediately feel its pedigree the first time you get a hand-sling or punch up to top speed while overtaking on the red line.

Impossibly supple, impossibly efficient, and impossibly responsive when pedaled in anger – this tire even broke records during testing. On the indoor wood surface of a velodrome, the Pista Oro is the purest distillation of cycling, simultaneously recalling the halcyon era of pre-war six days while powering the performance of today’s champions. A new PR is waiting. The Pista Oro will help you find it.

320 TPI Corespun-K Casing

Lightweight cotton and durable aramid, spun in a 320-TPI casing that combines the former’s intuitive, supple ride quality with the latter’s abrasion resistance. Small impacts are smoothed, track buzz is muted, and rolling resistance is reduced.

Graphene 1C Compound

A revolutionary compound engineered with Graphene for high grip, minimal rolling resistance, and low weight. Simple, supple, superlative, and ideal for the velodrome.  

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