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Sportful Total Comfort Bib Shorts Black

Sportful Total Comfort Bib Shorts Black

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The Sportful Total Comfort Bib Shorts have always offered incredible comfort and performance, and thanks to an improved seat pad and remodelled shoulder straps, will now allow you to ride long distances with greater contentment than ever before.

The re-designed bib straps cover a wider area of your back, so that they will rest gently on your skin, yet fit securely. Two different types of mesh are now incorporated, an open and highly breathable mesh in the centre, along with finer mesh at the sides. The straps are therefore highly breathable and will keep you dry, even when you’re working hard during a race.

The new Total Comfort MD seat pad adds luxury to these bibs, being designed for long-distance sessions in the saddle. The inner layer is extra soft and breathable, while the other two layers are made up of multiple densities of foam to support you in all the right places throughout your most epic rides.

A simple design means there are no seams at the waist, which along with four-needle stitching, ensures that the whole garment will feel wonderfully smooth, like it’s made from just one piece of material.

Meanwhile, raw-cut leg endings with thermo-welded silicone inside will hold the shorts in place

when you’re pedalling strongly, while gradual-compression fabrics will keep your muscles working optimally.

Key Features

  • Remodelled dual-mesh bib straps with a wide base deliver added comfort
  • New multi-density, tri-layer Total Comfort MD seat pad
  • Raw-cut leg ending with thermo-welded silicone inside
  • Fabric at the legs acts to gently compress the muscles
  • No seams at waist, four-needle stitching for maximum wearability
  • Weight 170g
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