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Sportful BodyFit Pro Thermal Bib Shorts Black

Sportful BodyFit Pro Thermal Bib Shorts Black

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Early spring and autumn don’t always demand full length bib tights, especially when the efforts are hard and a rider is generating lots of heat.

The Sportful BodyFit Pro Thermal Bib Shorts offer a solutions for those in-between conditions and fast rides where you want your legs out but still need a bit more protection than summer shorts. The bib shorts use heavier brushed fabric on the front to protect from wind chill and medium-weight fabric on the back where not so much protection is needed. The shorts are in a longer cut than summer shorts and use a water repellent fabric on the knee to help protect from road spray.

The cycling shorts use Sportful’s TC Pro seat pad. The TC Pro offers comfort for those cyclists who prefer slightly less padding and is ideal for trained cyclists and racing.

Key Features

  • 4-needle stitching throughout
  • Made of heavier brushed fabric in the front and medium-weight fabric in the back
  • Front of knee covered with shaped raw-cut water resistant fabric
  • Bib straps made with warm brushed perforated fabric in the centre back
  • Back pockets on yoke
  • Reflective logos on front and rear
  • TC Pro seat pad
  • 10˚+ C
  • Weight: 225g
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