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Silca Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax Yellow / 16oz

Silca Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax Yellow / 16oz

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The Silca Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax is the third part of Silca's one-stop-shop to protect your investment, the Bicycle Spa 4-step cleaning system. This protective, canary yellow graphene wax formula bears a tangy, sweet lime Margarita scent. It will form an invisible, hydrophobic barrier over your clean frame, keeping grit, pollutants and grime away while guarding against sun fade.

Shake and spray it directly onto the frame, wheels and seat, being extra careful to avoid your drivetrain and tyres, or spray it into a microfibre towel and wipe onto the paint. Leave for two to three minutes, until it dries to form a white, waxy film, then buff or air dry your frame to seal your paintwork behind an invisible, hard nanotech coating and achieve a glossy finish that you can feel.

Best used as part of the Bicycle Spa set, this waterless, hydrophobic graphene oxide formula will add a glossy veneer to your frame that will abrade in place of your paintwork and keep it looking shiny for longer. Reapply every three months to maintain the best possible finish.

Key features:

  • The third part of the Silca Bicycle Spa 4-step cleaning system, final step of initial cleaning
  • With lime Margarita scent
  • Spray into a microfibre towel and buff
  • Adds a nano scale layer of protection to your paintwork
  • Avoid brake rotors
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable formula
  • Comes in a 16oz bottle
  • 12 bottles in a case
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