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Terra Floor Pump Green / One Size

Terra Floor Pump Green / One Size

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The Silca Terra Floor Pump is a graduation of the original 1988 Terra pump, the first ever high volume pump with a low pressure gauge to accommodate larger volume MTB tyres. Now, the Terra Floor Pump combines refined low pressure measurements with the ability to maintain high pressure capabilities, in a pump that exhibits the precision and elegance of the brand's legendary offerings.

Its crowning feature is an exciting new asymmetric, non-linear gauge that shows 0-30psi in large increments on the first half, allowing for 0.5 psi precision, while 30-120 psi is displayed in smaller increments on the second half, delivering 1 psi precision. That way, gravel and MTB riders or those running a tubeless setup can get a more accurate reading, without losing the ability to run at higher pressures if they choose to.

Road cyclists will find that this pump has all the great features they've come to expect from Silca. Sleek and durable, with a light, minimalist aluminium barrel making it easy to transport, the Terra Floor Pump bears the brand's classy, trademark solid Ash wood handle. It's also distinguished by the attractive, olive green colour of the stable yet light tri-axis base, the gauge and the pump head.

The functionality is as usual top notch, but this pump strays from the norm by including a chuck based on the award winning Tattico mini pump design. Made from aluminium, it has a threaded, reversible, locking end cap that can fit either Presta or Schrader valves, making it compatible with any bike. Meanwhile, an inline pressure bleed button ensures there's no need to disconnect and start over if you overshoot your goal pressure.

Solidly made, beautiful to look at and consciously slimmed down while retaining outstanding performance and quality, this is an heirloom pump that will offer the precise readings you need to achieve your goal pressure, whether you're a roadie, an MTB fanatic or a gravel fan.

Key features:

  • Heavy-duty 3” (76mm) gauge with Multi-Scale Gauge technology
  • Pinpoint accuracy of 0.5 psi at low pressures, along with accuracy of 1 psi at high pressures
  • Rated to 120psi, making it suitable for all types of riding
  • Aluminium locking, reversible Presta/Schrader chuck with bleed button
  • Barrel and handle made from light yet durable aluminium
  • Attractive, hand-lathed Ash wood handle with hose guide
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