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Silca Synergetic Drip Lube White / 2oz

Silca Synergetic Drip Lube White / 2oz

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The Silca Synergetic Wet Lube is for riders who want to experience the lower friction, increased lifespan, and silence the latest lubricant technology delivers, but without the hassle of deep cleaning, drying and waxing chains.

The Synergetic Wet Lube is oil-based and uses technology developed for Formula 1 to reduce friction and eliminate wear on metal components almost completely.

The Silca Synergetic oil that the lube uses has been internally tested by Silca to prove the fastest and quietest, meaning the lube only loses 4.9watts with 250 input (98.1% efficiency).

The lube really shines when focussing on durability and longevity. The oil combines ZDDP and WS2 particles, which reduce wear by 95% when compared to other oils. The oil also creates a durable film at the metal’s surface and is strongly attracted to itself, so it remains exceptionally waterproof and protective, even when fully submerged in water.

The Synergetic lube is also virtually maintenance-free itself. Once applied to a dry and clean chain, there is no drying time, you will only need to re-lube after 500+ miles, and there are 12,000+ miles per bottle.

Key Features

  • Oil-based wet lube
  • 12,000+ miles of lubricant per bottle
  • Ultra-high wearing, ultra-quiet, ultra-waterproof
  • For best results apply to dry and clean chain
  • Made in the USA

Safety Data Sheet

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