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Silca Hirobel Frame Clamp

Silca Hirobel Frame Clamp

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The Silca Hirobel Frame Clamp System is the ultimate bicycle repair upgrade. A specialised design offers superior stability whilst caring for your frame. The Hirobel is fully adjustable and adaptable giving the perfect clamp whatever kind of bike you ride.

Whether you’re working on an enduro frame, e-bike, non-traditional oversized carbon, or even a tandem, the Hirobel gives a tailored fit meaning you can devote your entire attention to the task at hand.

If you use a clamp-based repair stand to work on your bike, it’s critical that the load is distributed evenly to reduce stress on the frame. Where weight distribution is compromised or unnecessary compression is applied through clamping, you risk damaging your frame tubing. The Hirobel eliminates this worry - you can always be confident that you’re caring for your bike whilst maintaining and repairing it.

The versatility of the Hirobel derives from its specialised design. The ergonomic cones and binding cradles utilised are paint-friendly and can be positioned easily at frame intersections – where tube thickness is greater – to give the perfect weight distribution and a carbon-optimised hold.

Because the Hirobel system is fully adaptable to your specific frame, it enables a close fit with any bicycle repair stand. This offers greater stability, improved comfort and crucially eliminates bike-bounce and unwanted vibrations during heavier work on your bike. Simply clamp the Hirobel to your repair stand and enjoy the very best maintenance experience.

Key Features
  • Fully adjustable and adaptable for all frame geometries and materials
  • Optimal compression and weight distribution
  • Ergonomic cones and bindings for a paint-friendly and secure clamp
  • Greater stability and better positioning for improved comfort
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