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Hiro Side Lever Locking Presta Chuck v2 Silver

Hiro Side Lever Locking Presta Chuck v2 Silver

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If you're looking for the ultimate floor pump upgrade, the carbon steel Silca Hiro Side Lever Locking Chuck is it.

Imagine rock-solid valve-on security at 220+psi to handle and road and track situation so you can keep your hands on the pump handle and eyes on the pressure gauge – even when inflating disc wheels.

If you want the easiest inflation experience possible, this is a must-have upgrade for your Silca pump.

Key Features:

  • Full metal construction, guaranteed for 25 years and covered by SILCAShield
  • High-pressure, disc compatible chuck for high-pressure situations.
  • Can effectively seal on valve stems as short as 10mm
  • Uses SILCA 254 High-Tech Elastomer gasket
  • Adjustable gasket pre-load allows for custom fit on any valve as well as compensation for gasket wear
  • Male Schrader thread fits into any Schrader chuck, or use SILCA Thread-On Schrader Adapter to fit to bare hose

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