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210psi Replacement Gauge for Pista and SuperPista White / One Size

210psi Replacement Gauge for Pista and SuperPista White / One Size

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210psi replacement gauge for all Pista and Super Pista pumps from the 1960's to 2013

As far as we know, this is the ONLY full metal gauge for bicycle pumps available today. From my first meeting with the supplier of this gauge, even they were suggesting that we change some of the internals to plastic to help reduce costs, but I rather prefer the idea of all that steel and brass, and in fact, in updating this part for the new SILCA, we actually added more metal to the thing by reinforcing some of the internals to improve shock resistance.

I love this part as it has a character which is uniquely SILCA. The internal mechanism uses a diaphragm instead of a less expensive Bourdon tube, the needle is stabilized with a beautifully polished steel plate, and the gauge face itself was originally hand drawn by Claudio's son who is a cartoonist in Milan. This gauge has a notable heft to it and will last many years provided you don't run it over with a car, which actually was the situation for Marco who has been emailing me about when these would become available.

  • Full Metal Construction
  • +/- 3% accuracy
  • 210 psi maximum
  • Vintage hand drawn cartoon
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