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Open Cube

Open Cube

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With added ventilation, KOO Open Cube ensure the rider’s vision is always crystal clear. They have added ventilation to ensure the rider’s vision is always crystal clear - whatever the weather. They weigh just 30g and come in either small or medium. KOO Open Cube have an innovative folding pivot so they can be stored with ease. They come with an adjustable folding nose piece to fit a range of face shapes and sizes plus, a smaller nose bridge will also be included as standard in the packaging.The lenses are easily-removable and interchangeable with a clear lens as standard in the box. The lenses are ventilated to keep the clearest vision possible, in all weathers.Micrometrical Arm Adjustment means the lenses can be tilted at three different angles to adjust the position and fit providing comfort and clear vision. **** Cyclingnews

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