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Neotoez Toe Warmer

Neotoez Toe Warmer

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We started with a very simple design brief: To manufacture the best toe warmers on the market. A neoprene toe warmer done properly: Thermal, waterproof neoprene construction with a rugged, reinforced lower section and silicone aqua sealing around both openings. Much longer cut than other brand’s toe warmers to protect the shoe and foot right up to the ankle. Engineered from ultra-premium grade neoprene with a tough, woven outer layer; Neotoez will become your go-to protection when it's not quite cold enough for a full overshoe. Neotoez sit very closely to your shoe creating an impermeable barrier between your toes and the driving rain. We have designed the edges and cleat area to hug the contours of your shoe to seal any holes and gaps, creating perhaps your most versatile weapon against the wet. Neotoez are designed with targeted material thickness to offer a snug, aero fit with toughness right where you need it.

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