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ENVE SES 3.4 Disc Wheelset Chris King R45D 12x142mm Clincher

ENVE SES 3.4 Disc Wheelset Chris King R45D 12x142mm Clincher

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The ENVE SES 3.4 Disc brake specific Wheelset is the ultimate carbon fibre wheel for climbers that seek some extra versatility. This wheelset is ideal for climbing but brings an aero advantage for riding descents and on the flat too.

Due to the popularity and performance benefits of wider tyres, the rims have an external width of 27.5mm so you can seize the benefits of added traction and lower rolling resistance. You can also set the wheels up as tubeless for increased puncture protection.

The wheels deliver exceptional stability in gusty conditions and crosswinds thanks to ENVE’s second-generation SES rim profile. The rims have differentiated depths with 38mm on the front and 42mm on the back to give an extra aero advantage.

Thanks to the wheels being disc brake specific, ENVE has done away with the extra carbon needed for a brake track and instead concentrated the mass of the wheel to the inside edge. Alongside the moulded spoke holes and paint-free finish this brings the overall weight down whilst maintaining strength and creating exceptional stiffness and responsiveness.

The ENVE SES 3.4 Disc Wheelset is available with Chris King or ENVE hubs.

The Chris King R45D hubs are precision engineered to deliver the superb performance and durability that Chris King is renowned for. Available with the Portland, USA based brand’s legendary made in-house ceramic or stainless bearings and Chris King’s patented 45-tooth RingDrive system, these hubs offer unmatched engagement and power transfer. Fully serviceable, the R45D hubs promise years of use.

The ENVE Alloy Road Disc hubs are ideal for riders looking for a lightweight hub, with the set weighing under 400g. The hubs are centre lock compatible and have ENVE’s Perfect Pre-load system, eliminating bearing play and the need to adjust pre-load yourself.

Key Features

  • Climbing wheel with an aero advantage
  • Exceptional stability in gusty conditions
  • Disc brake specific
  • Chris King R45D or ENVE hubs
  • Optimised for 25mm tyres
  • Rims handmade at ENVE’s HQ in Utah, USA
  • ENVE Lifetime Incident Protection and 5-year warranty


  • Tubeless ready clincher
  • Carbon fibre rims
  • Rim depth: 38mm (front) / 42mm (rear)
  • Internal rim width: 21mm
  • External rim width: 27.5mm
  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Recommended tyre size: 25mm (can fit 23mm – 25mm)
  • Spoke count: 24 / 24
  • Hubs: Chris King R45D (with either steel or ceramic bearings) or ENVE Alloy Road Disc hubs
  • Freehub: Shimano or
  • Rotor mounting: Centre Lock
  • Thru axles: 100 x 12mm (front) / 142x12 (rear)
  • Claimed rim weight: 390g (front) / 397g (rear) / 787g (wheelset)
  • Approx. weight with Chris King hubs: 659g (front) / 798g (rear) / 1457g (wheelset)
  • Approx. weight with ENVE hubs: 645g (front) / 775g (rear) / 1420g (wheelset)
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