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ENVE Melee Frameset

ENVE Melee Frameset

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The ENVE Melee frame and fork is designed with the future of road cyling in mind. Built around the key attributes of aerodynamics and responsive handling, the Melee’s race-ready frame is crafted to maximise the natural durability, stiffness and compliance of carbon fibres.

Specialists in their craft, ENVE’s team designs and makes the products they want to ride. The Melee adheres to this philosophy and brings the brand’s rich carbon experience to bear, with ENVE focusing on the process of crafting carbon fibre to build the frame, as well the merits of the material itself.

With the demands of modern riding and racing, frame durability is critical. By running continuous fibres throughout the frame, tapering the laminate, layering and orientating the fibres to increase zone specific performance and removing excess material to reduce weight, ENVE has been able to achieve the required stiffness, impact toughness and compliance where it is needed throughout the frame. The Melee is finished in a beautiful and classy ‘Damascus’ colour.

Using the Real-World Fast aero technologies also found in its SES wheel line-up, ENVE has finely balanced the Melee to give aero efficiency. Tuned for real world performance, the bike has been extensively tested in the lab and on the road at 32kph/20mph and 48kph/30mph, to offer outstanding performance and the best possible ride experience at realistic speeds.

ENVE has designed the Melee with its SES™ wheelset in mind for optimal aerodynamics, since the tubeset shapes complement the SES rims. Whether your goal is to shave off valuable seconds to win a triathlon, be King of the Mountains or one of the fast-men, or simply to ride where you want to on a mixture of surfaces, the SES wheel line will get you there.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Melee can be tailored to ride a criterium or rough roads through the choice of tire size to match the surface you’ll be tackling, optimised around 27-31mm tyres for aero performance. If you want to push the boundaries, this frame has the capability to run up to a 35mm tyre.

Tuned for precision and agility, the Melee is available in seven sizes, with five different fork rakes depending on the frame size, giving you the best handling and most stable bike, no matter how tall or short you are.  

It is designed to take a threaded T47 inboard bearing for smooth operation but is compatible with a range of options. When it comes down to spec’ing your frameset, the Melee is compatible with Shimano mechanical to ensure best front derailleur functionality, as well as all wired electric and wireless options and 1x or 2x configurations.

The integrated front end has been designed to route hoses and wires between a 1.5” upper bearing and A 1.125” steerer tube. Combining the Melee with the integrated ENVE Road Stem and ENVE SES AR Handlebar allows the cables, wires and brake hoses to pass undetected through the handlebar to the headtube, for a clean finish and minimal wind disturbance.

The Melee uses a dedicated seat post, featuring a wind cheating Kammtail design and ENVE’s patented twin-bolt saddle rail clamp design. It is available in three lengths, with a 0 or -20 offset.

Thoroughly tested by a team that loves cycling, for guaranteed real-world performance, the elements of the Melee come together to cut down air flow disruption and boost your speed. If you’re looking for a bike that can handle all types of roads, fits like a glove and offers a responsive, comfortable to ride, the Melee is for you. ENVE has even factored in versatility and compatibility for fenders. With ENVE’s impeccable carbon credentials, as well as its 5-year Warranty and Damage Protection, you know that this incredible racing bike will be a worthwhile investment.

Key features:

  • Designed for modern racing
  • Harnesses ENVE’s expertise for an aerodynamic advantage that increases with speed
  • Offers the durability, stiffness and compliance modern racers need
  • Builds upon the natural strengths of carbon fibre
  • 7 frame sizes, 5 fork rakes
  • Comes with handlebar, stem and seat post. The consumer can choose the size and spec.
  • Made to complement the SES™ wheel line
  • Tyre clearance for 25-35mm tyres and optimised for 27-31mm tyres
  • Compatible with most drivetrains on the market
  • 5-year Factory Limited Warranty, cover through ENVE's Incidental Damage Protection Programme
  • Made in Ogden, Utah
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