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Clarks CMD-22 Flat Mount Mechanical F&R 160/140 Brakeset

Clarks CMD-22 Flat Mount Mechanical F&R 160/140 Brakeset

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Mechanical disc brakes offer the cyclist all the benefits of powerful all weather braking but without the more complex maintenance requirements of hydraulic brake systems.

Cable operated brake callipers provide consistent braking performance that is better wheel rim based braking systems due to the position of the hub mounted braking surface. Positioned away from road dirt and traffic film these systems are ideal for hybrid and road cyclists who require reliable braking but without excess weight and maintenance problems. All Clarks mechanical brakes are supplied with Post Mount and International Standard mounting brackets, bolts calipers and rotors.

The CMD-22FM flat mount mechanical dual piston disc brake is suitable for Road, Cyclo-cross and Gravel bikes. Its dual piston provides even braking and modulation on both sides of the rotor thanks to its unique design which allows both pistons to activate simultaneously.

  • Compatible with Road, Cyclo-cross and Gravel bikes
  • Dual piston
  • Flat mount fit
  • Lightweight design
  • Built in adjustment
  • High grade material construction
  • Lightweight 166g
  • Complies with and exceeds CEN regulations
  • Front 160mm and Rear 140mm set
  • Compatible with VX/VRX852 disc pads
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