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EZ-001A - Hi-Pressure All Alloy Road Mini Pump

EZ-001A - Hi-Pressure All Alloy Road Mini Pump

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Hi-Pressure All-Alloy Road Pump

  • Advanced lever-less Easy ON & OFF pump head
  • Hammerhead style dual valve for Schrader/Presta
  • Foldable alloy T-handle
  • Precision drawn alloy barrel & piston shaft
  • CNC alloy valve caps
  • Air volume per stroke: 30cc approx
  • Up to 120PSI
  • EZ Head

BETO EZ HEAD Technology

EZ Head’s unique lever-less design allows the user to engage with the tyre valve using just one hand, and it is an easy push-on and pull-off fast action. Conventional pump head requires two hands to do the job.

Its revolutionary “Double-Lock” valve-lock system provides stronger engagement with the tyre valve. External 8 claws firmly lock into the threaded stem. Internal rubber grommet is compressed by perimeter-force to air-tight with the tyre valve. Conventional pump heads only rely on top-down force to squeeze the rubber grommet to grip the tyre valve.

The valve-lock mechanism of EZ head is triggered by the fixed amount of insertion force and depth of the tyre valve. There is no guess work, like there is with a conventional pump head.

- Lever-less one-hand operation
- Easy push-on & pull-off fast action
- Revolutionary “Double-Lock” valve system
- Fool-proof fixed force & depth insertion
- Hammerhead dual valve or single valve

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