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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Modular Bearing Press Only Green / Press only

Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Modular Bearing Press Only Green / Press only

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With smooth action and a quality build, the Abbey Bike Tools Team Issue Modular Bearing Press is designed to let you press in a wide variety of bottom brackets and headsets with minimal effort.

Where most press heads are glorified nuts, Abbey Bike Tools has crafted a solid thrust bearing with balls and races, which ensures the pressing action is buttery smooth and isolated from the torque. It can be turned by hand, using the brand's signature finger spline pattern, or if you need a bit more leverage, there's a 6mm hex in the top so that you can use an Allen key. The kit also includes a centring cone that can be used on the empty side of your hub, frame or linkage to ensure the press is concentric with the bore.

It is designed to be used with a selection of drifts, available to purchase separately, which are compatible with different shapes, sizes and styles of bearings. Each is machined to fit like a glove and sized to the 1/2” acme thread, so that the bearing or headset will go in straight each time.

At the other end of the press, a sturdy quick nut slides onto the thread up to the drift, with no need for excessive turning, then clicks securely into place. It can be easily operated with one hand and offers fast, smooth action, with no pinch risk, making the whole job easier and quicker.

Abbey recommends installing bearings one at a time, using the centring cone, to ensure they settle in straight, with minimal fuss and no danger of damage to them, the frame or your tools.

The whole Team Issue Modular Bearing Press is elegantly simple, offering smooth action on bottom brackets and headsets with minimal effort, and takes up very little space. Striking the perfect balance between being agile and sturdy enough to reliably press in cups with tight tolerances, this light press is the perfect addition to all traveling mechanics’ tool kits.

Key features:

  • Includes a complete handless press head, 12” press shaft, quick nut, centring cone
  • PF30/1.125” headset
  • Necessary drifts are available to purchase separately
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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