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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Shop Pedal Wrench Silver / One Size

Abbey Bike Tools Shop Pedal Wrench Silver / One Size

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The Abbey Bike Tools Shop Pedal Wrench is a one-stop-shop for all your pedal removal needs. The once standard 15mm wrench flats are becoming less common but are still seen in the shop. Meanwhile, many manufacturers are mixing and matching pedals compatible with a 6mm Allen key with those requiring an 8mm key. Rather than pack three tools, reach for the Shop Pedal Wrench.

Abbey Bike Tools has designed the wrench with one 15mm box end, while the other end houses a swivel bit with two differently sized hex heads. So, every pedal out there can be loosened with the one wrench, even stubborn ones, thanks to the Shop Pedal Wrench's extra 2” of leverage over the Team version, taking it to an overall length of 14.5”.

The wrench has a solid feel and is further toughened with a strong, anti-corrosive Cerakote finish. However, it's also nice and slim, for easy storage, with a beautiful wooden handle that feels smooth and natural in the hand.

Key features:

  • A versatile pedal wrench that no tool bench, fleet counter or sales floor should be without
  • Features a 15mm box end and a swivelling 6mm and 8mm hex head
  • 14.5” long, offers impressive leverage to loosen stiff pedals
  • Black Cerakote finish adds stretch and corrosion resistance
  • Wooden handle is pleasant to grip
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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