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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Shop Hammer Complete Tool Silver / One Size

Abbey Bike Tools Shop Hammer Complete Tool Silver / One Size

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The Abbey Bike Tools Shop Hammer Complete Tool was never meant for public consumption, but just for internal use. However, after the brand's ambassadors visited the Bend, Oregon workshop and all wanted one, the team started work on a saleable version.

Solidly made, with a heat-treated 1.5” stainless steel head and a 12” handle, it packs some serious punch for when you want to set crown races or remove press fit bottom brackets. However, there's also the option to use the replaceable green nylon head for jobs requiring a gentler touch, or change in the optional brass tip, sold separately, if you want a bit more clout without the risk of bending softer metals.

It comes with an ESI silicone grip as standard, giving you a comfortable purchase, even when your hands are greasy, and weighs in at 566g. It can therefore generate sufficient force to make short work of all your toughest jobs around the shop.

Key features:

  • A hefty, stainless steel shop hammer weighing in at 566g
  • 12” in length, with 1.5” head
  • With replaceable silicone grip for comfort
  • Threaded soft head is replaceable if damaged or lost
  • The brass Abbey Bike Tools Shop Hammer Part, sold separately, can also be used its place
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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