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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Lever Setter Green / One Size

Abbey Bike Tools Lever Setter Green / One Size

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The Abbey Bike Tools Lever Setter is designed to work with the brand's Hanger Alignment Tool to ensure your gear and brake levers are precisely level, without the need to resort to laying a broom along your handlebar, eyeballing or any other makeshift method to check the alignment of your brake heads.

The lever setter uses the same thread on the bottom as the bolt that tightens your headset, so it can slot right into your headset in place of the top cap. The thread on the other side, meanwhile, matches your mech hanger. Your Hanger Alignment Gauge will therefore thread into the lever setter in turn and can be lined up with first one brake head, then the other, to make sure your hoods are perfectly level. That way, after your build and before you put on your tape, you can ensure you'll be able to brake effectively.

Sturdy, light and compact, this simple but beautifully crafted tool will help to eliminate variables in your bike fit and balance the variations of bends in metal bars, not to mention give you an excuse to take your HAG out of the toolbox more often!

Key features:

  • Gives your Hanger Alignment Gauge a secondary use
  • Designed to work with Abbey Bike Tools' HAG, compatible with most hanger alignment tools
  • Premium fit and finish, simple and effective to use, delivers accurate measurements
  • Works with both road and mountain bike shifters and brake levers
  • Offers a great reference point to achieve preferred lever position on multiple bikes
  • Will save time for builders or fitters when bleeding brakes/trimming bars
  • Requires a star nut or compression plug with M6 x 1 thread
  • Best used with a spacer on top of the stem to help align setter with the steerer tube
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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