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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Harbor Gauge Wheel Dishing Tool Green / Harbor Gauge

Abbey Bike Tools Harbor Gauge Wheel Dishing Tool Green / Harbor Gauge

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The Abbey Bike Tools Harbor Gauge Wheel Dishing Tool improves on your traditional dishing gauge in three main ways. First, with the main frame having been crafted from a solid block of aluminium – Abbey Bike Tools CNC machines two Harbor Gauges out of one 26kg block – it's super strong, with no plastic components to break, and will probably outlast you.

Second, the plunger in the middle doesn't thread down to the hub, instead it's held in place by a spring mechanism and drops at the press of a button to one side of its head. It will therefore end up in precisely the same spot each time, on the face of the hub, with smooth action and no threaded inconsistencies.

Third, the main feet have stand-off feet attached, which can slide up to the indicators for 29”, 27.5” and 26” wheels, with the capacity to check the dish on wheels from 20-29” and all hub combinations. So, by lining them up correctly on the scale, you can ensure the stand-off feet will sit on the rim, while the fixed feet clear the tyre. Tyre size will therefore have no effect on the result, so that you'll be able to judge if and where spokes need to be tightened with accuracy, without removing the tyre.

Designed as a surprise birthday present for Dave Rome of CyclingTips, the Harbor Gauge Wheel Dishing Tool is anodised a beautiful green and is simple and quick to use, giving extremely accurate readings. You can have confidence that every wheel you ship or service will be perfectly on dish.

Key features:

  • Solidly built from aluminium and anodised Abbey green
  • With spring-powered plunger, ensuring great precision
  • Stand-off feet can be moved along a scale to accommodate different wheel sizes and hub combinations, for improved accuracy and ability to check dish with tyre in place
  • Quick and easy to use, compatible with wheels from 20-29”
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