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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Dub Crank Dust Cap Tool Green / One Size

Abbey Bike Tools Dub Crank Dust Cap Tool Green / One Size

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Once upon a time a spanner was sufficient to loosen a DUB cap, but the small, left-hand threaded SRAM caps of today are best tackled with a tailor-made tool – the Abbey Bike Tools DUB Crank Dust Cap Tool.

Nicely machined to engage all four holes in modern SRAM DUB crank arm dust caps, its usefulness is enhanced by being compatible with your 3/8” torque wrench and the hexagonal edges that let you trap the tool in a vice and use the crank as leverage. Either way, this tool will help you to loosen and remove even overtightened caps.

For clarity and ease of use, the tool is marked with the words “SRAM DUB”, to remind you of its compatibility, and an arrow clarifying the correct direction to turn it, lest you forget about the left-hand thread. It's a nicely machined, fool proof SRAM DUB Crank Dust Cap Tool that does its job perfectly, while keeping your cap scratch-free and your spanner intact.

Key features:

  • A beautiful green, anodised aluminium tool
  • Machined to be compatible with modern SRAM DUB crank arm dust caps
  • With 3/8” square drive and hexagonal sides offering extra leverage using a wrench or vice
  • Simple to operate, with directional reminders on the tool
  • Tough enough to withstand regular shop use
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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