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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Dual Sided Thru Axle Crombie Tool Silver / Standard

Abbey Bike Tools Dual Sided Thru Axle Crombie Tool Silver / Standard

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The Crombie Tool is Abbey Bike Tools’ original, conceived by pro mechanic Jeff Crombie to make the routine job of checking lockrings and removing cassettes faster and built by his friend, former bike mechanic Jason Quade.

Deceptively simple, the prototype was a Shimano lock ring with a hole bored in it, allowing it to be slipped over a quick-release nut without having to release it, with a handle welded onto it for extra leverage. The idea was to save precious seconds when performing a bolt check, while avoiding the risk of dropping the skewer or nut under the workbench.

These days thru axles are common, so Abbey Bike Tools has conceived a dual sided version. One side will quickly remove Shimano and SRAM cassettes from bikes with regular hubs, while the other deals with the same cassettes on bikes with thru axle wheels with a 12mm fitment. A plus-sized piloting pin within the head achieves a precise, positive fit with maximum engagement, allowing you to work easily round both types of wheel attachment, without damaging the surface of either tool or cassette.

This beautifully engineered, machined and welded stainless steel tool is 9.5” long, with a handle that is half an inch in diameter, lending a nice bit of weight to an impressively durable shop tool that stays centred and solid to shift stubborn cassettes. Or, if you're a race mechanic and weight is priority, you can choose the Super Light version with a hollowed-out handle, giving the same precision and managing lockrings torqued close to the 40NM spec, with less weight.

Key features:

  • Your solution for swapping S-Group cassettes with either quick release of thru axle fitments
  • Precision machined spline for added torque
  • Made from 17-4 stainless steel
  • Available with hollowed-out handle for those who prioritise weight
  • A graduation of the original Abbey Bike Tool, made by and for pro mechanics
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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