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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Dual Sided Crombie Tool Silver / Standard

Abbey Bike Tools Dual Sided Crombie Tool Silver / Standard

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The Crombie Tool is Abbey Bike Tools' original legacy tool, conceived by pro mechanic Jeff Crombie to make the routine job of checking lockrings and removing cassettes faster, then built by his friend, former fellow bike mechanic Jason Quade.

Deceptively simple, the prototype was a Shimano lockring with a hole bored in it, allowing it to be slipped over a quick-release nut, with a handle welded onto it for extra leverage, taking the place of an adjustable wrench. The idea was to save precious seconds when performing a bolt check, while avoiding the risk of dropping the skewer or nut under the workbench.

The Dual Sided Crombie Tool is refined graduation of this simple concept, with one side dealing with Shimano or SRAM cassettes, the other Campagnolo cassettes, so that there's no need to pack two tools for the job. Made in Bend, Oregon, it is precision machined from 17-4 stainless steel, so that the spline of each head fits perfectly for maximum torque and ease of use, with no slip.

This handy tool is 9.5” long with a handle that is half an inch in diameter and solid, lending a nice bit of weight to an impressively durable shop tool that can handle seized or over-torqued lockrings. If you're a race mechanic and weight is priority, you can choose the Super Light version with a hollowed-out handle, giving the same precision with 125g less weight.

Key features:

  • Your solution for swapping cassettes without having to remove the quick release skewer
  • Dual sided head can cope with both Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo cassettes
  • Precision machined spline for added torque
  • Made from 17-4 stainless steel
  • Available with hollowed-out handle for those who prioritise weight
  • The original Abbey Bike Tool, made by and for pro mechanics
  • Best used in conjunction with the Whip It Chain Whip
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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