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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Drift Kit for DUB BB Black / DUB BB

Abbey Bike Tools Drift Kit for DUB BB Black / DUB BB

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The Abbey Bike Tools Drift Kit for DUB BB comes with a pair of drifts, especially designed to be used with the brand's Modular Bearing Press to install SRAM DUB 28.99mm spindle and press fit bottom brackets.

Unlike standard bearing drifts, which often incorporate a square boss that can tear the fragile O-ring within the BB cup, Abbey Bike Tools’ drifts have a tapered boss that forces the O-ring into its gland. Developed in partnership with SRAM's team, they will preserve the durability that the DUB bottom bracket was made to deliver.

Key features:

  • Designed in partnership with SRAM's own team
  • Made to assist with correct installation of DUB Crank Platform
  • For use with the Abbey Bike Tools Modular Bearing Press
  • Tapered boss won't tear the O-ring in the DUB bottom bracket cup
  • Helps to preserve the durability of this type of bottom bracket
  • 2 drifts are included in each Drift Kit for DUB BB
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