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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Decade Part Chain Pin Pair Silver / One Pair

Abbey Bike Tools Decade Part Chain Pin Pair Silver / One Pair

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The Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Pin Pair includes two spare chain pins for your Decade Chain Tool. The latter already carries a spare shock rated tool steel pin, likely to last for a long time – remember, the tool's name came from the fact that Abbey's team broke 10,000 chains on a single tool and pin during testing, equivalent to three chain installs a day for a decade. However, if your career as a bike mechanic lasts many decades, you'll need more pins at some point.

These are the original equipment pins for the chain tool, so they're not only rock solid but perfectly machined to remove chain pins with precision. Although formulated to be compatible with 9-13 speed chains, including the new 12 and 13 speed chains from Campagnolo and Shimano's XTR 9100, they also work as an alternate to the Campagnolo UT-CN300 11spd chain tool, the Shimano CN-34 tool and the Shimano CN-32 tool, so you're sure to find a use for these two pins in any busy workshop or pit.

Key features:

  • The set comes with two pins as standard
  • Compatible with 9-13 speed chains, also work as an alternate to stated Campagnolo and Shimano chain pins
  • Made from shock rated tool steel, for impressive durability
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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