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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool Complete Green / One Size

Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool Complete Green / One Size

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The Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool Complete is a sturdy, future-proofed tool. With a body and lead screw made from chromoly coated in PVD (powder vapour deposition), it has a silky feel and large, solid handles that make it easy to use with any chain. The rotating pin, meanwhile, is made from shock rated tool steel for maximum durability.

There's a spare chain pin in the handle and a slot to thread a backstop in if you're looking to peen Campagnolo 11 and 12 chains to factory specs. Otherwise, an interchangeable mid plate is designed to securely hold 9 to 13 speed chains as standard, including the new 12 and 13 speed chains from Campagnolo and Shimano's XTR 9100, ready for chain pin extraction.

Different mid plates are available if required, and the ability to swap plates ensures that this tool will endure, even if industry standards change. Abbey Bike Tools will simply create new mid plates to suit new specifications, making this a true heirloom tool.

Beautiful and unsurpassed for driving out link pins, it's no wonder this tool offers such smooth and precise action, as Abbey Bike Tools kept refining it until they'd broken 10,000 chains on a single tool and pin, the equivalent of three chain installs daily for a decade – hence its name!

Key features:

  • Offers smooth, precise chain pin extraction with all 9-13 speed chains, including Campagnolo 12 and 13 speed chains and Shimano XTR 9100
  • Peens Campagnolo 11 and 12 speed chains to factory specs
  • With future-proofed interchangeable mid plate
  • Mid Plates for 1/8” single speed chains and SRAM AXS group are available
  • Threaded body and lead screw are smooth and durable, made from PVD coated chromoly
  • Solid handles feel great in the hand
  • Chain pin made from shock rated tool steel, with a spare in the handle as standard
  • Pins cross-compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo pins in case of need
  • The last chain tool you'll ever buy
  • Made in Bend, Oregon
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