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SuperPista Check Valve Assembly Brass / One Size

SuperPista Check Valve Assembly Brass / One Size

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f you have a Pista or Super Pista pump produced after 1946, it contains this check valve assembly to ensure that the air can only flow in one direction. I love the beauty and simplicity of these parts. Most modern pumps use a rubber ball or disc and a spring, with some nicer ones using an injection moulded rubber piece and spring, but nothing has the durability, contamination resistance, or solid sealing action of this brass plunger design which has been in continuous use for nearly 70 years.

I was amazed and thrilled to find that the supplier for the brass plunger has been the same since the 1940's. This beautiful shop is run by 3 brothers outside of Milan Italy, who are carrying on the legacy of their grandfather producing small machined components exclusively in brass. The brothers can remember the plungers or 'Spillo' being produced in the shop when they were children, and we are very pleased to keep the tradition of excellence and craftsmanship moving forward today by purchasing these parts exclusively from them.

We have chosen to update this rebuild kit by matching the classic 'Spillo' plunger in brass with a high-tech O-ring and stainless steel spring replacing the original piano-wire spring. Check valves generally need to be replaced every 20-25 years, and with these advancements in materials technology, we hope to push that out to 30-35 years.

  • Kit contains: Brass Plunger, O-ring, Stainless Steel Spring and Aluminum Crush Washer
  • Components manufactured in Italy and USA
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