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Cema Bearing #6802 (15 x 24 x 5mm) - Chrome Steel

Cema Bearing #6802 (15 x 24 x 5mm) - Chrome Steel

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If you are a cyclist looking to make your bike lighter and help you boost your cycling performance, it is possible by upgrading to CEMA SRC bearings

CEMA SRC Bearing series are specially designed for bicycle related applications such as wheel hubs, bottom brackets, and chain tensioner pulleys.

Ceramic Bearings have been proved to reduce riders pedalling watts. CEMA SRC ceramic bearing series use G5 grade super high roundness silicon nitride ceramic balls, to meet the highest cycling requirements and bearing clearance. The seal design and excellent lubrication delivers a smooth and durable life-span.

  • Dimensions: 15 x 24 x 5mm
  • Chrome steel or ceramic available
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