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Wolf Tooth

Wolf Tooth Axle Handle Multi-Tool

Wolf Tooth Axle Handle Multi-Tool

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The Wolf Tooth Axle Handle Multi-Tool is a stripped-back, portable kit that will enable you to conduct essential road or trailside adjustments and quick fixes.

The Axle Handle Multi-Tool comes with a choice of four bits and is hollowed out underneath to create space for two at a time, held securely in place by magnets. An additional hex, with a 5mm Hex End stepped to 6mm closer to the handle, lives permanently within the axle end of the handle.

With the help of a receiver nut, this connects the Axle Handle to the any Wolf Tooth axle with a threaded bolt, so that when you need the Wolf Tooth Axle Handle Multi-Tool most it will be right there with you. Please note, the axle is not included with the tool but may be purchased separately.

Key features:

  • Strong, lightweight tool perfect for roadside fixes
  • Made from 6061-T6 aluminium
  • Dimensions 10.16cm x 15.24cm
  • Hex Adapter with 5mm Hex End stepped to 6mm fits into handle and end of axle
  • Two bits are held inside handle by magnets
  • Multi-tool comes with choice of four bits
  • These include double-sided 2.5mm/3mm and 2mm/4mm hexes, T10/T25 Torx-compatible bit, Flat head #3.5/Phillips #2 screwdrivers bit
  • Receiver nut included to connect Hex Adapter with axle
  • Axle not included, sold separately
  • Compatible with threaded Wolf Tooth rear axles and some others with o-rings
  • Replacement parts available
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