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Wolf Tooth

Wolf Tooth 104 BCD Chainring Drop Stop A

Wolf Tooth 104 BCD Chainring Drop Stop A

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Optimised for mountain bikes, the Wolf Tooth 104 BCD Chainring is the original that made the brand famous, with its revolutionary wide-narrow Drop-Stop tooth profile that is one of the best performing designs in reducing the threat of chain drop in 1x setups.

Wolf Tooth has designed the right side of the tooth to be extra wide, to ensure maximum contact with the chain, thus spreading the load over a larger area. This minimises wear on the tooth.

The left side, meanwhile, guides the chain on its passage to the chainring, but doesn't have to transmit load and is narrower than the roller pin on the chain. Since wear isn't an issue on this side of the tooth, Wolf tooth has removed material to create a channel that sheds mud. More clearance means less friction and less chance of mud causing a dropped chain.

Key features:

  • Fits any 104 BCD crankset
  • Carries Wolf Tooth's traditional wide/narrow design, developed to hold the chain fast by maximising contact on the right side of the tooth and minimising wear, while the left side sheds debris and minimises friction.
  • Prevents premature ring and chain wear that can come from non-optimised profiles
  • Made in the USA


  • Fits any 104 BCD crankset
  • Compatible with all 9, 10 and 11 speed chains
  • Also compatible with 12 speed SRAM Eagle, KMC, Connex and Wippermann chains
  • Not compatible with 12 speed SRAM Flatrop, Shimano HG+ or Campy chains
  • 104 x 30t – use 10mm bolts
  • 104 x 32t, 34t, 36t, 38t – use 6mm bolts.
  • If using a bashring, you will need 10mm bolts (most stock bolts on 3x cranksets are 8mm)
  • 104 BCD chainrings work on many older 2x Shimano cranksets (XT, SLX or Deore)
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