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Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape White / 1.85mm

Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape White / 1.85mm

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The Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape utilises pioneering material technology to give you a previously unheard-of level of comfort, grip and durability – if you value sustained, top-tier performance ride after ride then this tape is a solid investment.

The bespoke laminates that Silca developed from the ground up for this 1.85mm bar tape were inspired by material technology utilised in F1 racing tyres and endurance running shoes. Incredibly durable and offering cushioning previously only available in thicker 2.5mm bar tapes, the Nastro Piloti is a truly remarkable feat of material innovation.

If you’re judicious about marginal gains and want a bar set up perfectly suited to aggressive racing, then the Nastro Piloti is a must-have. Its clever material composition makes means that it retains maximal grip in all weather conditions. Because the Nastro Piloti Bar Tape has been explicitly designed to absorb unwanted vibration, it ensures that you’re comfortable over the entire duration of each ride. Consistently smoother rides and superior comfort pay dividends in improved performance and greater enjoyment on the bike.

Beyond the innovative material composition utilised in the Nastro Piloti, Silca has taken great care to ensure that the tape can be wrapped as cleanly and ergonomically as possible on your bike, giving a precise and optimised fit. A unique butterfly insertion that contours exactly around your lever clamps eradicates excess bulk around the hoods and contributes to a clean and precise wrap that wouldn’t be achievable with standard bar tape. The tape itself features an asymmetric, textured pattern that can be wrapped in either direction to give moderate or high levels of grip according to your preference.

The dedicated, high-grip finishing tape and laser-etched, anodised bar plugs give a truly seamless finish. Every single detail in design and execution of the Nastro Pilote is a reflection of Silca’s longstanding commitment to peak performance and lasting technical products. For discerning racers with a penchant for clever design, this a truly sound investment.

Key Features

  • 1.85mm thick with cushioning equivalent to 2.5mm
  • Unrivalled durability
  • Butterfly insertion for clean contouring around levers
  • Asymmetric texture for high and moderate grip configurations
  • SILCAthane and SILCAlon custom laminates
  • 3M visco-elastic adhesive for optimal bonding
  • Dedicated finishing tape
  • Aluminium laser-etched, anodised bar plugs
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