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Silca Mensola 3D Printed Titanium Computer Mount Titanium / 2-bolt 32mm

Silca Mensola 3D Printed Titanium Computer Mount Titanium / 2-bolt 32mm

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The Silca Mensola 3D Printed Titanium Computer Mount is designed to be the ultimate mount for Garmin or Wahoo bike computers.

Manufactured by lasers from the finest 6Al/4V titanium, the Silca Mensola features a highly aerodynamic stressed skin shape to create a bike computer mount that's fast, strong, light weight, practical and utterly beautiful.

The Mensola is 10-15% lighter and six to 12 times stronger than CNC'd aluminum mounts and also boasts a reduced drag coefficient compared to previous designs.

Meanwhile, the clever 'puck' insert can be rotated 90-degrees to enable compatibility with both Wahoo and Garmin computers including the largest Garmin 1030.

When coming up with a bike computer mount to beat any other, Silca started with a simple question: "What if we could remove traditional manufacturing constraints from the design of a computer mount?"

That meant doing away with a clamp-to-the-bars interface and instead developing a way to bolt directly to the stem or integrated bars – something previously impossible due to variance in stem faceplate geometries.

By embracing 3D printing and the control that comes from entirely in-house production, Silca has overcome these challenges to offer wide-ranging compatibility from 22 to 35mm bolt centres.

Key Features

  • Laser-manufactured from 6Al/4V titanium
  • Truss and stressed skin design for superior strength and aerodynamics
  • Stronger and lighter than aluminium mounts
  • Brushed titanium finish
  • Includes 2 light weight 6Al/4V titanium bolts
  • Premium press-moulded plastic 'Puck' insert compatible with Garmin and Wahoo
  • Weight: 27-36g
  • Made in-house by Silca in Indianapolis, USA



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