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Scorpion XC RC Lite (SmartGRIP)

Scorpion XC RC Lite (SmartGRIP)

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Designed for the most demanding XC courses: developed with Pirelli athletes for the best racing performance.

A tread pattern designed to handle modern XC courses: from man-made obstacles to natural terrain and from hardpack to loose conditions.

The Scorpionâ„¢ XC RC is designed for the racer who seeks the best performance in all racing conditions while pushing beyond their limits.

The Scorpionâ„¢ XC RC tread pattern has been designed together with XCO World Cup athletes: low profile, thick central knobs offer minimal rolling resistance while higher lateral knobs allow fast cornering control. A tread design with no compromises.

SmartGRIP Compound is an advanced compound developed using motorsport experience. The single compound provides constant high grip performance both in wet and dry conditions, even when the tread starts to wear.

LITE tyres are dedicated to maximum rolling efficiency and suppleness, using a lighter carcass to increase speed and riding feel.

Casing: 120 tpi

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