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Scorpion XC R (SmartGRIP)

Scorpion XC R (SmartGRIP)

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Rear wheel specific tyre: special tread pattern engineered for traction and braking grip. The perfect rear tyre for everyday training.

Medium profile tread design with added traction and durability for uncompromising performance over a variety of terrains.

The Scorpionâ„¢ XC R is the perfect rear tyre when paired with a Scorpionâ„¢ XC M at the front.

The Scorpionâ„¢ XC R tread pattern was developed for use on the same wide range of terrains as the Scorpionâ„¢ XC M. The specific design of the central tread, derived from Pirelli's experience in the world of Motocross, increases grip and stability both when braking and accelerating and gives the Scorpionâ„¢ XC R unique levels of confidence and reliability on mixed terrain.

SmartGRIP Compound is an advanced compound developed using motorsport experience. The single compound provides constant high grip performance both in wet and dry conditions, even when the tread starts to wear.

ProWall sidewall reinforcement technology increases puncture protection and improves handling at low pressures. An additional layer of Nylon fabric is applied over the casing sidewalls for extra protection and improved cornering stability.

Casing: 120 tpi

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