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IP3 Solestar

IP3 Solestar

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The unique IP3 SOLESTAR insoles have been designed for cyclists. The insoles give the highest support to the rider at the most important link for power transfer, through the use of a stable, yet flexible core that extends from the heel to the forefoot.

What makes the Solestar cycling insoles so innovative lies in the patented Stabilization-Delta, which works like a clamp in your cycling shoes. The Stabilization-Delta brings the foot into the optimal neutral position while giving the foot the support it needs during the pressure phase inside the cycling shoe and provides long lasting stability. The foot has a better grip in the shoe, allowing power to be transferred directly to the pedal.

  • A stable, yet flexible core specifically developed for use under high pressure loads.
  • IP3 Solestar insoles can be worn in any cycling shoe comfortably without any further customization simply by choosing the right shoe size.
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany
  • For detailed sizing information, visit 
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