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Angel DT Urban Tyre

Angel DT Urban Tyre

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Angel TM DT Urban is the choice for urban commuting and daily city use. It combines  top performance with a strong casing structure that helps when facing different types  of road surfaces during every daily ride. Considering the number of different threats  that a tyre encounters during its lifespan, such as potholes or tram rails, it is clear that  any tyre must perform in a wide range of conditions.

Thanks to the dual benefits of the HyperBELT casing structure and the tread pattern  design, derived from Pirellis Angel TM Scooter, the new Angel TM DT Urban is capable  of offering a more comfortable and smooth ride, even in wet conditions. The 5mm  rubber layer gives the highest level of puncture resistance to help you to face the uncertain conditions of urban riding.

Additionally, the Angel TM DT Urban is shaped to be agile in traffic and provide comfort and control in city applications thanks to the motorcycle-derived and patented profile.


  • PRO COMPOUND URBAN: Silica compound mixed for the best urban application. Grip, low rolling resistance and high mileage performance
  • HYPERBELT: 5mm anti-puncture layer combined with a cut-resistant Nylon 60tpi casing. Excellent protection and comfort on any type of terrain
  • MULTI RADIUS PROFILE: Sharp in the centre for agile response more homogeneous on the shoulders. Optimised contact patch for maximised handling
  • eBIKE READY: The entire Angel Urban range meets the ECE-R75 certification that means the tyres meet European standards specific to the needs of speed e-bikes that go up to 50km/h (31mph).
  • REFLECTIVE STRIPE: meets the approval requirements in the European ECE-R88 regulations that the reflective bands emit a sufficiently visible light even at an unfavourable angle.



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